Why I’m Writing A Blog

As I work on this blog, I am so aware of the multitude of bad reasons for having one!

When you start writing down your thoughts in a public forum, its easy for it to become a way of getting attention or praise. As I share my thoughts on Christian life, and the Bible, it will be easy to preach at others while remaining unchanged.IMG_20120604_113033-001

Yet I have so many conversations with other Christians that persuade me that there is a need for Christians to speak frankly, to encourage each other in godliness, to wrestle together with what this might look like day to day, and to do this with a good grasp of scripture.

We are bombarded with the wisdom of the world, and much as I love my Pinterest account, I think that we need to be actively seeking out things that will feed our souls too! Strengthening us to be distinctively  and attractively Christian.

It often takes me a while to process what I’m thinking about, and I hope that blogging will continue to be a fruitful way of processing what I’m reading, writing , and thinking about – to the glory of God.

I always benefit from hearing from you, so keep sharing and commenting, and thank you for reading!


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