Tasty Food for Thought

I’m cheating today.
I’ve recently come across two great pieces of writing by friends of mine. So I thought I’d share them, and give you a break from my own ramblings!
Have a read, share them if you like them, and let me (or them) know what you think:

Filtered Grace Cover

1) Filtered Grace by Robin Ham
Robin has done something that is fairly unique at the moment, and has written a short ebook linking the phenomenally successful Instagram with Christian faith. (It’s a good read whether you are a Christian or not.) Robin looks at Instagram from a number of angles, seeking to answer the question of why it is so popular, and how it affects and affirms the things that make us human.
As a regular Instagrammer I found it interesting, and helpful in making sense of what drives me to share my filtered pictures with the world. It’s an intelligent and uplifting look at how the Christian worldview enables us to make sense of the ins and outs of this popular app. You can download it FREE here.


2) I’m No Superhero by Jonathan Livingston
This is truly beautiful article conceptually and illustratively, and well written, although Jonathan describes it as a work in progress. It engages with the Biblical story of David & Goliath, seeking to connect it with the story of Jesus, and with our own individual stories in an important way. Read it here.