Pleasure Seeker

Sovereign God makes Man

A world of pleasure and perfection in his presence

Created beauty worships and points to the pinnacle

The Beautiful One is God himself


A serpentine whisper

The slowly coiling lie

A fruit held out as the way to true life

Intoxicating promises of power and pleasure

 dust in the hands

Two worshippers turned inward

The throne usurped

No dizzying rise to god-like heights

Instead a rotten mouthful


A fall

Sin spirals down to death

Perfection sought and pleasures grasped

But all turns to dust in the hand


The world’s myriad joys once exalting the maker

Now disconnected pleasures unfulfilling without The First

Death reigns

Yet the hope of a future seed planted


The Seed bears fruit

A son of man whose pleasure is in obedience

Mighty God yet suffering servant king

Blood poured out covers sin forever


It is finished

Death-deserving actions forgiven by the merciful Judge

Man steps down from his throne of dust

The greater Adam ascends


The true focus for the pleasure seeker is not self

Nor happiness as its own end

But where insatiable appetites point

Eternally satisfying worship of the Perfect One




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  1. Yes we love pleasure today again in Christ and his love to fild us to joy of that treasure with cheerful hearts thanksgiving to glory for God in blessing over the towns and around us to save and be helping t ofind precious Jesus in his victory with his blood,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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