Securing an Undivided Devotion

I really wanted to call this post “All My Single Ladies” but not everyone catches my silly pop references, and actually this is a post for everyone!

This short video from has been doing the rounds this week. Whether you are single or married, it’s helpful food for thought in just three minutes:

What Ben has to say can I think be summed up as: singleness is a season in which to “secure an undivided devotion to the Lord“. That’s the line that made an impression on me, and he goes on to flesh out this thought well.

I can sometimes view my singleness pretty negatively, and I’ve heard it referred to as ‘the gift that nobody wants’. But as I’ve thought about Ben’s phrase above I’ve realised how fortunate I am, even if I should never get married.

In the light of eternity, this gift takes on a much greater significance. When I take an honest look at my heart I know that my devotion to God can be half hearted, distracted, and easily displaced by idols. What a help to an idol prone heart, to have a season devoted to falling in love with the only eternal husband.

Different Plans, Changing Seasons

Of course God has different plans for each of us, for some he will use marriage itself to engender a deeper love for him, in any number of ways. I am fortunate to have godly friends who demonstrate the gospel to me more deeply through the way they live out their marriages.

Yet what a great gift my singleness will be if God uses it to claim my heart decisively from now until Jesus returns. Whether this season is short or long, (and I don’t relish the latter) I would not trade it for a happy earthly marriage and a heart that wandered from Christ!

No earthly happiness is worth turning away from the true husband, or not being ready for Christ when he arrives for the wedding of the universe!

So whether we are single, dating, or married, may God be at work in each one of us, however he chooses, to secure an undivided devotion, for his glory.