Bread Not Eaten

I came across this Charles Spurgeon quote the other day while preparing a Bible study.

“Christ as bread, yet not eaten, becomes Christ dishonoured

It prompted me to ask myself this question: Do I always take the bread he offers me?

Jesus says to us “Take, eat, this is my body broken for you” (Matthew 26:26) We often hear his words repeated as we take communion, and remember his death on the cross that redeemed us.

But so often I act day to day like I can find my own bread to eat – I start believing that my own shaky acts of righteousness and good works are enough to fill me.

And yet the bread that Jesus offers is eternal nourishment for our endless filling and salvation. It’s essential eating for sinful people who will die without its sustenance! We need to eat up this grace gift like the starving sinners that we are, not tell him that ‘we’re fine thanks’.

Have you eaten your fill of what Jesus offers you? His bodily sacrifice alone, without a collection of your own crumbs? Will you honour him by continuing to enthusiastically eat this bread that gives eternal life?

Hallelujah, what grace he has shown us!


P.S If you would like to read Charles Spurgeon’s sermon on Matthew 26:26 you can find it here

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