Serving under the Captain

Today marks the 121st anniversary of great preacher Charles Spurgeon’s death. He had an incredible ministry that continues to influence the Christian world today. If you’ve never heard of him, I encourage you to find out more about his fascinating life and ministry. He had a deep knowledge of the Bible, a wonderful way with words, and a great sense of humour. His own personal experience of a daily walk with God is always so evident in his words – the ups and downs of Christian life, but also the constant and faithful presence of Jesus Christ.

Join me in mulling over his final words in the pulpit before he died. They are fantastic! What a wonderful testimony to the Captain of his life, and his eternity. I pray that one day you and I will echo his sentiments on what it’s like to follow Jesus for a lifetime:

(If you want to read more I recommend The Spurgeon Series – A series of books containing Spurgeon’s sermons slightly updated for the modern reader.)