Looking Back, Looking Forward

As this is the time for reflection on the year that has just ended, and looking ahead to what the New Year will bring, I thought I’d do a bit of reflecting on my first year as a blogger.

I’m actually pretty surprised that I’ve managed to post regularly, and I hope that this will continue into 2013! (Unless I get any pleading emails to stop sharing my thoughts with the world!)

The most popular posts of 2012 were:

1. The Bible Study I Didn’t Want To Teach

2. Why Gratitude Isn’t Enough

3. What I’m Learning from my International Friends

4. A Greater Hunger

5. What should I do when God isn’t answering my prayers?

The posts that sparked the most comments on the blog and in person were:

Expanding the Scope of My Prayers


What does the Bible mean when it tells us to fear God?

My aim in joining the blogosphere back in February 2012, was to encourage my own spiritual growth by regularly writing about what that God is teaching me, thoughts I’m mulling over, and good resources I’m enjoying.

It’s been a really fruitful exercise for me to write intentionally and regularly, just for my own benefit, but i’m glad to hear that it’s a blessing to others too!

Thank you to all of you who have read my posts, commented, and had some great face to face discussions with me; prompted by things I’ve blogged about.

Do let me know if you have any feedback that will help me to improve the blog – or any subjects you think I should tackle (no promises!)

I’m praying that God would bless and direct all that I write in 2013 for his glory.

Happy New Year!