My Music Favourites of 2012

As the year approaches its end, and as I trawl my mind and the shops for gift ideas, I’ve been reflecting on some of the Christian albums I’ve enjoyed this year. (I listen to other music too, but it’s the Christian stuff that can go unnoticed!)

It’s a risky business to reveal one’s music tastes, but here goes. Some of these albums have been hugely helpful to me – encouraging me, helping me worship, and reminding me of vital truths.

Leigh Nash Hymns & Sacred Songs

Recommended AlbumsYou 90’s kids might remember Leigh as the front woman of Sixpence None The Richer. Well, her style has developed with the years, and this is a great album of well known hymns and songs with deeply affecting words, which are a pleasure to listen to – a good album to work to!

I would recommend anything produced by Sovereign Grace Music, each of their albums is full of songs that call the listener to worship, and equip them to do so, with the wonderful truths of God that each song paints!

The latest album is called From Age to Age and if you want one worship album – this is the one I’d recommend. It’s a collection of new songs by a variety of song writers. I often just sit and read the lyrics because they are so helpful! But the music is good too!

The Now and Not Yet – Jeremy Riddle

If you like music with a bit more guitar and bass, then you might like this album by US Worship Leader Jeremy Riddle. Something about his voice and style reminds me of UK Rock band Delirious. This album is actually a couple of years old, I was just slow to discover it! A good album to have in the car!

I get a lot of teasing for my closet love of R&B and Hip hop, but it can be a challenge to find good positive music in this genre, let alone Christian music that keeps up with its secular counterparts! Here are two albums that I can solidly recommend without embarrassment on either score. Each track is a great dose of good theology connecting solidly with the daily battle of Christian life, in a genre well suited to tackle big subjects directly and passionately.

Here are some you may not have come across but are well worth a listen:

Gravity – Lecrae is making waves stateside with his “holy hip hop”, so much so that CNN and TIME Magazine have run features on him. I have been greatly blessed by some of his lyrics, as he tackles the challenges and blessings of Christian life in a broken world, with depth. (He also gives me an excuse to turn my bass speakers up!)

The Good Life – Trip Lee

The stand out track on this album for me was For My Good. I was in tears as I listened to Lee relating why God doesn’t always give us the desires of our hearts, and how we must fight for obedience in disappointment. A good soundtrack in the battle for godliness! And it’s another great one if you like a bit of a beat!

Try not to mock me for my music taste! I hope you enjoy some of these – You can sample them via the Amazon links above or on YouTube.

 Do you have any recommendations for me?

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