Innocent Diversions

What are your “innocent diversions”?

If you’re anything like me, then you appreciate sitting back to watch your favourite TV shows, indu

lging in a good book, spending time with friends, good food, sports…there are so many good ways to spend our ‘down time’. We are designed to need rest, time away from work, and opportunities to switch off from things.

But I’ve realised that personally, my innocent diversions can become unhelpful.

By nature a diversion diverts! It takes our attention away from something else. This can be a blessing, but it’s also something we need to keep an eye on as Christians so that it doesn’t  become a snare to us.

Last week, I determined that I was going to spend some extra time praying about some issues that I needed to hear from God about. Great! (I thought) An opportunity to really do business with God…or rather, give him the quality time to do business with me!Unfortunately for this resolution of mine, the next day I discovered a new TV series… and did that thing where you make up for lost time by watching back to back episodes at every convenient moment, and a few inconvenient ones!

I enjoyed myself greatly.

I didn’t pray.

I didn’t even remember my resolution until I reached the end of the first series.

I was shocked at the simplicity with which my innocent diversion had thoroughly diverted me away from my resolve to pray!

It’s made me think that I need to pay more attention to what I do in my leisure time.

Because good things can so easily divert us from great things.

How often has Satan effortlessly diverted you from some call to spiritual battle and fruitfulness by waving a new and attractive diversion in its place? We don’t even notice, as we unstrap our armour, and settle down on the sofa once more, handing over our sword in exchange for the remote, or the kindle, or the hockey stick.

Please hear me carefully.

Rest is good. Hobbies are good. Diversions from daily stresses and responsibilities can be a great blessing!

But keep your armour on, and stay alert.

I’m learning that Satan can disarm us before we put one foot on the spiritual battlefield.