This week we reach Luke 15: 11-32 in our International Bible Study.

A powerful and humbling story – portrayed  in my first ever attempt at writing a poem!


I shrink a little more inside as I walk towards him, full of shame.

I cannot look him in the eye.

I reason that, perhaps he might have some use for a slave? If I promise to keep my head down, and stay out of his way.

My sin clothes me like the filthy rags I wear.

My poverty, the stench of pigs, make obvious the depths I’ve sunk, the story that I bear.

What was I thinking when I went to my Father that day? Shaming him before all his friends and defiantly demanding my share.

Trading a bag of coins for his love and my sonship. Callously racing away to spend the money I gained, from stealing the wealth that should have waited.

Not rightfully mine until the day of his death. But instead, killing him slowly with my rejection.

My love and my duty dead.

The law states that I should die for cursing the Father who runs to me now. Why, does he run?

And why does he clothe me in robes fit for a son?

He holds me in a strong embrace, my thoughts race, as I try to get out the words to say:

“Father I have sinned”

But he calls for a calf to be killed, and prepares for a feast.

I stare at the ring that proclaims me – so unworthy, the least, reinstated as a son.

And as those same friends gather, who witnessed his shame as I scorned him and ran out the door,

My Father speaks of my return, this day his heart had yearned for.

Lost, but found.

Dead, but made alive once more.

My brother watches on, his obedience of years his crown, yet he wears it like a stone around his neck.

His thirst is not for love, but reward, it is not enough to be known.

As I accept the arms of my Father once more, he turns away, into the dark.

A rejection less obvious, but still as sharp.

Not content to receive love, and share with one such as I, but rather to leave both behind, exposing the lie.

That duty equals love, and blessings are the prize.

And so his pride continues its silent reign, when it is the Father’s love that is the final gain.

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

1 John 3:1

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