A Sense of Entitlement?

Our generation is often spoken of as the “Entitlement Generation”.

Here in the West we have never had so much materially, or thought we deserved more! This really creeps into the way I think as a Christian. I think that God “owes” me things, and I get angry and upset when he doesn’t give me what I want.

Here is Christian Blogger Tim Challies on this subject – I’m so challenged by what he says:

“As a Christian, I believe in one entitlement.

I’m entitled to Hell. That’s the only entitlement I have. That’s all I deserve, because of my sin. Anything else is grace, an unmerited bonus from the God of all grace. I don’t deserve a breath of life, a crumb of food, a drop of water, a stitch of clothing, a cent in my wallet, or an hour of education. I’m not entitled to one friend, one vacation, one verse of Scripture, or even one sermon. I’m certainly not entitled to salvation and heaven. I’m entitled to damnation and Hell.

That sense of entitlement makes me seek mercy, receive mercy, enjoy mercy, and be merciful to others. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, “What have I that I did not receive as a free gift of divine grace? How therefore can I ever boast as if I had actually been entitled to it or earned it?”  

So, there are basically only two ways to live: with a proud and angry sense of entitlement or with a humble and thankful sense of responsibility.

To summarize, “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rom. 6:23).”

I guess If I truly believe this, I will be more thankful. More amazed at God’s kindness towards me. Less greedy, and able to be content in every circumstance!

Because compared to what I deserve, I have been blessed abundantly!