Why I’m Writing a Blog

As I start work on this blog, I am so aware of the multitude of BAD reasons for starting one!

When you start writing down your thoughts in a public forum, its easy for it to become a way of getting attention or praise. As I share my thoughts on Christian life, and the Bible, it will be easy to ‘preach’ at others while remaining unchanged.

Yet I have so many conversations with other young Christians that persuade me that there is a need for Christians to speak frankly, to encourage each other in godliness, to wrestle together with what this might look like day to day, and to do this with a good grasp of scripture.

We are bombarded with the wisdom of the world, and much as I love my Pinterest account, I think that we need to be actively seeking out things that will feed our souls too! Strengthening us to be in the world, but not of it. To be distinctively  and attractively Christian – we serve a gloriously attractive God!

It often takes me a while to process what i’m thinking about, and I hope that blogging will be a fruitful way of processing what i’m reading, and writing , and thinking about – maybe of getting helpful feedback too? I hope you’ll bear with me as I get started!

Also I hope that when I come across helpful christian resources online, I can share them –  once I figure out how to do it – as I’m not the most web-savvy!

Maybe you have other suggestions about how I can best use this blog?

I’d love to hear from you